Top 5 Exercise Trends for 2015

Top 5 Exercise Trends for 2016

So, you’ve finally managed to convince yourself that this is the day when you are going to change your life. You’ve finally decided to make that long-term, even life-long, commitment to becoming healthier and fitter. First, you ditch the packaged foods and sodas. Second, you decided that you are going to enroll in a fitness class, or at least engage yourself in some sort of physical activity.

But which exercise program to choose? It seems to be that every exercise program works so well with all the marketing schemes about the “best fitness routine in the planet,” or the “best exercise program ever.” How do you know that you are not investing your hard-earned cash and limited time to something that was thought to have worked but really was just a bunch of hype and in a year or two no one will even remember it?

Luckily, for the year, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) have released the results of their annual survey that tracks fitness trends worldwide. ACSM surveyed thousands of fitness professionals and collated the results through their responses. For the year 2016, the following trends have been identified to top the list when it comes to health and fitness.

Body Weight Training

Taking the top spot for 2015 is body weight training. Body weight training has been around for a really long time, but it has only been in the last couple of years that it was defined as a trend. In this type of training, a person uses his or her own body weight to produce resistance. For many fitness buffs, this method is considered as going back to the basics. Included in this set are the pushups, pull-ups, squats, lunges and other exercises that do not need the use of any equipment.

A good body weight training exercise is the classic squat thrust or the burpee. From a standing position, bend your knees and hips, then squat downwards until your palms are touching the floor. At that point, quickly kick your legs towards your back and assume a push-up position. Immediately do the movements in reverse and try jumping as high as you can before reaching the standing position. This exercise utilizes a lot of muscle groups and uses your own weight to offer resistance.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Like body weight training, HIIT has been around for decades. HIIT has been used by coaches and athletes as a training regimen since the 1970’s to lose fat, build up strength and endurance. Fitness enthusiasts started to incorporate this type of training and started to gained wide acceptance in the decade or so. It claimed the top spot as the Best Fitness Trend for 2014.

As the name implies, HIIT involves short bursts of high-intensity exercises, usually lasting around a minutes, followed by a shorter period of rest and the cycle is done again. Inversely, you can do an exercise on a regular pace and then follow it with an intense burst of the same exercise for a short period, then go back to a regular pace.

You can do HIIT while running. Start the exercise at your regular pace for about a minute, then inject a short intense burst of running for about 30 seconds then go back to your regular pace. You can do this cycle once every 5 minutes for that intense workout. However, make sure that your body can accommodate this type of training to avoid any injuries.

Credentialed Fitness Professionals

As more fitness professionals are being sought, the market becomes crowded and more competitive. Now, there are programs being offered by institutes of higher education that are geared towards developing professionals in the field of health and fitness. This is the reason for the emergence of third-party institutions that offer accreditation for wellness, health and fitness professionals.

Today, people expects to get the most for their time and money. With the advent of the Internet, most consumers have the knowledge, however basic, concerning fitness and have started to manage their expectations with this knowledge. From following fitness blogs, to enrolling in online fitness courses, to personally hiring a fitness pro, people expect certified professionals. Even when trying to join fitness groups in gyms, people want to have people with the right credentials as their instructors. Clients now wants credentialed professionals who have the right education, certifications and experience.

Strength Training

Strength training has always been the foundation of fitness and that is why strength training has always belonged near the top of the heap when it comes to fitness trends. It will forever be popular for all types of people at all fitness levels. Whether you’re a top-level athlete or someone who is under rehabilitation for an injury, strength training offers many benefits for your total wellness and fitness program.

Health and fitness professionals now offer comprehensive exercise regimens that are geared towards improving or developing strength. This training program, which utilizes the use of weight machines or free weights, develops muscle strength. It is also proven to increase the strength of our bones and muscles. While this is a great way to have a sculptured muscular physique, strength training greatly helps in increasing metabolism, reducing the occurrence of injuries and improve our quality of life. To maximize your strength training results, check out our Nitrocut reviews.

Personal Training

In line with credentialed professionals, more people are now opting to have their own personal trainers. Whether alone or in small groups, consumers now want to have someone that can guide them and formulate exercise routines that are tailored to their specific needs. Since more professionals are getting certified, more people are gaining access to them and their expertise.

Most people know a push-up from a pull-up, and how to do these exercise moves. But, in order for your workout to be effective, you must know how to incorporate these exercise routines into a fitness program that will greatly benefit your body. This is where the role of professional personal trainers come in. A personal trainer not only trains you on how to do the exercises, but they put together these exercises at the right order, at the correct weight and the right order so that you can get the most benefit out of your workout. The aim is to reach your fitness goals at the least amount of time, at the most convenient pace, while avoiding injuries.

Looking forward, the 2016 ACSM survey has predicted practically the same fitness trends for the incoming year. One important thing to note is that majority of fitness professionals have chosen wearable technology to become the top trending choice for 2016. These include fitness trackers, activity trackers with GPS, smart apps and heart rate monitors. Some of these devices can even track your calorie intake through what you eat and drink.

One caveat, though. You can buy the most expensive one, with all the bells and whistles, but it may not be what you really need. Before you spend hundreds of dollars for a device that tracks your activities, calorie intake and even sleep, just focus on the functions that you really want or need. Pay attention to functionality and battery life. Just like exercise routines, just focus on what you need and benefit the most.

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